Creating the Expressway brand

In October 2010, we first introduced Express Checkout on Cleartrip Mobile. After seeing that a large chunk of our mobile users were using Express Checkout, we decided to launch it for our desktop sites as well: Incidentally, Expressway replaces Express … Continue reading

A conspiracy of brand and design

Designers love to work in comfort zones — we create designs with pretty things; hand pick the best stock photos, use nice crisp titles and precisely craft copy. No matter how gratifying this design process is, it’s a recipe for … Continue reading

Stop trying to be your own boss

Startups are a funny thing and so are the entrepreneurs who start them. Successful companies are started by people who want to make something — something new, something better — which the world will want. These are people who see … Continue reading

Coming soon: The Readable Internet

Somewhere in the history of the Internet, publishers made a huge left turn. They gave their product — content — away for free. They blindly assumed that the economics of old media would apply to new media and that they … Continue reading

Design for developers

Software developers and engineers are often accused of ‘designing for other engineers’, or, in other words, creating products that feel like they were designed by six year olds riding the bus on the way to school. It is patently false, … Continue reading