Tuxedoes everywhere

We rolled out our new design more than a month back. At the time, only our flight search & hotel search had migrated to the new design. We wanted to keep a laser focus on our core products, get them … Continue reading

Introducing Cleartrip Buses

Over the last year, Cleartrip has executed a mission to revamp all of our existing products around a new design framework we call Tuxedo. This year, our mission is to build on that framework to expand our product portfolio. Today, … Continue reading

[Tuxedo] How we redesigned everything

Two weeks ago, we rolled out the new Cleartrip experience. In previous posts, we’ve addressed some of the specific improvements and new features for flights and hotels. Today we’ll go behind-the-scenes with everything you wanted to know about how we … Continue reading

[Tuxedo] Hotel search redesigned

We just introduced a brand new design for our site. For our Hotels redesign, we had an ambitious goal — help our users choose the perfect hotel faster and with greater confidence. Unlike flights, choosing a hotel is a complicated … Continue reading

[Tuxedo] Flight search redesigned

Last week we introduced the new Cleartrip experience. Today we’d like to introduce the highlights of our new flight search product. Twice as fast At Cleartrip, speed is a feature. We’ve overhauled our core flight search architecture to deliver results … Continue reading