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Cleartrip and Flyin Travel Insights Report, March 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has, without a doubt, impacted the entire tourism industry across the globe and people’s confidence to travel. Our Insights Report delves into people’s views and readiness to travel in a post-COVID world. These findings are brought to you from our independent research, post surveying 5,678 respondents about their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours… Read more →

Designing for uncertainty

On 20th May 2020, the government of India announced that airlines could restart operations from the 25th. After months of a complete flight ban, the skies would reopen in just 5 days. And yet, apart from the date, there was almost no clarity around how this would be rolled out — who would be allowed… Read more →

Now get Visa on Cleartrip!

At Cleartrip, we have been working on simplifying the travel experience for more than 13 years to solve some of the biggest problems involving booking flights, hotels and activities.  Making the travel experience even more convenient for our customers continues to be a top priority for Cleartrip. A crucial element of international travel planning process… Read more →

Expressway+: One Click. Book Now. Pay Later

Booking a flight fast at the right price has always been a challenge. Which is why, over the years, we have introduced innovative features like split-screen, 2D filters and fare alerts among others. But that’s just one part of the booking process. Completing the payment is still an uncertain process – success is not guaranteed… Read more →

Login/Signup today – Save more, manage better!

At Cleartrip, we have always obsessed about making the booking flow seamless without requiring you to sign-in. This is substantiated by the fact that many of our users are not logged-in when they book a hotel and still find it effortless to complete the booking. Besides the usual convenience features available when you are signed-in,… Read more →

We have the answer to your Time vs. Money dilemma…

Picking the right flight for your international travel can be tricky. There are a bunch of preferences that travellers toggle between – some have a preferred time of travel, some only fly their favorite airline while some want a specific transit airport (Changi takers?). But for most, there are two crucial factors that dominate their… Read more →

Where Should You Go Next?

We wait impatiently at the beginning of the year for Human Resources to update the annual holiday list so we can plan getaways for the coming months. Fridays and Mondays are most prized, and with list in hand hurried WhatsApp groups are created and suggestions added to the mix. What happens next is one of… Read more →

Discover the best of a city – Lay of the land

When you’re looking for a hotel, the locality or the vicinity of your stay is an important decision point. Especially with a new city, one that has a wide number of attractions and activities – this decision is even more daunting, as access to those specials is a prime reason to choose a particular location.… Read more →