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Launch: Cleartrip Alerts

We’re happy to announce the launch of Cleartrip Alerts. Cleartrip Alerts allows you to receive customised email alerts for the best airfare deals. Alerts are also available via RSS.

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for frequent email updates about the best deals available on Cleartrip, and Cleartrip Alerts is a product of that feedback from our users. As always, we’ve built Cleartrip Alerts to be a little different from similar email alerts and newsletters.

Traditionally, email newsletters and updates have left most subscribers at the mercy of the person or company that sends out the email. Subscribers have limited or no control over the content of the email and the frequency at which the email is sent.

We think that’s wrong. Subscribers should be able to control what they receive in an email and how often they receive email. Cleartrip Alerts puts you in complete control–you decide what you receive and how often you receive it. Since the content of each alert email is customised by you, you can sign up for as many different alerts as you like. How often you receive the email is also up to you–you can choose to receive alerts daily, weekly or monthly.

Cleartrip Alerts tour

Subscribing to an alert is easy:

  1. Use the deal search to specify what you’d like to receive in your email
  2. Click on “Get email alerts,” enter your email address and select how often you’d like to receive the alert

Rinse and repeat to create as many different alerts as you’d like. You can unsubscribe from an alert at any time by clicking a link in the email you receive.

Give it a whirl, click the links below to see the best airfare deals from your city:

We’re always listening to our users so we can build things to make travel simple, so we hope you love the new Cleartrip Alerts.