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Get train availability for 6 days with one search

Ever since we launched Indian Railways bookings, one of our top requests has been to add support for displaying availability for more than one day at a time. We’re thrilled to oblige–the train search now returns availability for upto 6 days with one click.

As soon as you click the “check availability” button, availability is displayed for your preferred date of travel. If there’s no availability for your date or you just want to see availability for the next few days, there is a text link available ‘Next few days.’ Clicking the ‘Next few days’ link instantly displays train availability for upto 5 more days. To book, just select the date and availability that suits you most and click the ‘Book’ button to proceed.

As always, General and Tatkal availability are checked automatically for travel within 5 days. The availability status is now colour coded to make it easier to recognise. There are three status levels for availability:

  1. AVL: Available
  2. WL: Waitlisted
  3. RAC: Reservation against cancellation

We hope you like the new addition to the train search results. We think the feature is a huge convenience for people whose dates are flexible as they can book an alternative date without having to do an entirely new search.

Happy chug chugging.