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Launch: Availability calendar for Indian Railways trains

Cleartrip’s train search and booking product has been our most successful new product since we launched the site. Given its popularity, we’ve received tons of feedback and requests for new features. The most frequent requests have been for checking availability across a wide range of dates. Lots of people looking to travel by train aren’t very date sensitive–they’re more concerned with getting on the first available train. Train seats sell out fast, so letting users see availability across a range of dates instantly is extremely helpful.

At the end of November, we enhanced our search results for trains to display train availability data for up to 6 days at a time. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Cleartrip’s availability calendar for Indian Railways trains.

Cleartrip train availability calendar tour

Click the image for a full sized version.

The train availability calendar allows you to check train availability for 15 days with a single search. As with our regular train search, you can search between cities or between specific stations. Search results are colour coded and available dates are highlighted in yellow. A “refresh” link, next to the train name, allows you to update availability data for any train with a single click. Once you’ve found a suitable date and available train, you can just click the link, enter the number of passengers travelling and proceed to search results, reconfirm availability and book.

We think this is a great addition to Cleartrip’s train search tools, give it a whirl: