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All new Cleartrip Calendar

We originally launched the Cleartrip Calendar over two years ago and it’s been hugely successful. People loved the fact that they could get immediate access to fares for a range of dates–it was an extremely effective tool with which to plan their travel.

In keeping with what we said in Spit and polish, we’re thrilled to announce a redesigned Cleartrip Calendar today:

Cleartrip Calendar

Click the image for a full sized preview.

We’ve cleaned up the look of the calendar, bringing it in line with the same visual style we developed for the new trip calendar in your Cleartrip account. We also moved the search form and airline filters to the left of the calendar instead of above.

We did add one big feature to this release–support for round trip searches on the calendar. This has been one of the top requests from customers ever since the launch of the Calendar and we’ve been meaning to oblige for a while.

For a round trip search, you’ll need to fill out one more field before you search–the duration of your trip e.g. ‘6 days.’ When you do a round trip search, you get to see the cheapest total fare for each day–convenient isn’t it? The airline names for both the outbound and return flight appear beneath the fare along with the return date.

Clicking on a fare shows you the flight timings and details and allows you to check the availability of this fare. Since the fares displayed here are only indicative (they’re actually based on the cheapest fares our users find each day), it’s possible they aren’t available any more. Then again, you might find a cheaper fare given the roller-coaster ride airfares have been on.

We hope you like the new calendar. We know many people have been waiting for round trip functionality in the calendar and we’re happy to make it available today. Go ahead, give it a spin »