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Specify separate booking and boarding stations

Since the launch of Cleartrip’s train booking services, one of the top requests from our customers has been to allow them to specify a boarding station that is different from the booking station. The IRCTC site allows customers to book this way.

It’s a very handy feature because seat availability quotas differ from station to station. So, sometimes, the only way to get a confirmed seat is to book from a station other than the station where you’ll board the train–that station may have seats available. This particularly affects users that live in smaller cities, such as Pune, which is very close to the much larger city of Mumbai.

We’re thrilled to say that this has been available within Cleartrip’s train product for the past few weeks. To specify a different boarding station, just select the your preferred boarding station from the dropdown menu on step one of the booking process.

We hope this makes it easier than ever for you to book your train travel.