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New features for Cleartrip Mobile

Towards the end of June, we launched the first version of Cleartrip Mobile and we stated that we had deliberately launched a stripped-down, bare-bones version of the product. We kept things simple in order to deliver a minimum viable product and see how our customers reacted to it. We also made some promises about what we would do if customers actually started using their mobile phones to book their travel:

If you’re a huge fan of the mobile internet and would like to see us investing more in mobile products, we’re counting on you to help us drive adoption–the more adoption there is, the more we will be willing to invest in mobile product development and innovation.

And we’re thrilled to say that customers responded–from the very first day we launched, the traffic and transaction numbers from Cleartrip Mobile were raising eyebrows all around the office.

So, as promised, we’ve continued investing in development and innovation for Cleartrip Mobile. Two weeks after our initial launch, we released a second version of Cleartrip Mobile optimised for iPhones and Android powered phones. And we followed that up with all-new HTML5 powered version that we released as a beta product at TEDx Delhi. Here’s the key features we launched:

  • One-click bookings with Express Checkout–your traveller profile and credit card details are saved securely on your phone so that you can make your travel bookings faster than ever before.
  • Anytime, anywhere trip info on your phone–itinerary details, PNR numbers and other booking details are always available on your phone. When you sign in to your Cleartrip Account from your mobile phone, all trip information in your account becomes available on your phone regardless of how you booked a trip.
  • Comprehensive on-the-go travel guides to the destinations you’ve booked are available on your phone

The version we launched at TEDx Delhi was so good, that I actually stopped booking my domestic flights through our regular site and switched to Cleartrip Mobile instead. This demo video highlights the features we launched at TEDx Delhi:

Based on usage data, we could see that customers really wanted to be able to book for more than one traveller at a time. As of two weeks ago, we’ve added the ability to do that to Cleartrip Mobile. We’ve also made Cleartrip Mobile more powerful on basic feature phones so that trip details are now accessible on basic phones as well.

More information about the best little travel site in India are available at cleartrip.com/mobile

Stay tuned, we have some fantastic new features and updates planned for Cleartrip Mobile that we can’t wait to share with you.