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Cleartrip for iPhones (and other smartphones)

Exactly two weeks ago, we launched a version of the Cleartrip site optimised for mobile phones. In that announcement, we stated that we had delivered the “simplest, most stripped down version of our product we could conceive. It’s what they like to call a minimum viable product.”

We deliberately kept things ‘brutally simple,’ because we were dipping our toes in the water. We wanted to see how our ‘minimum viable product’ would be received before we invested any more resources in developing products for mobile phones. So, we’ve been watching the performance of our basic mobile product daily since it launched; and it’s safe to say that even the most optimistic among us has been shocked by the performance we’ve seen to date.

So, today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have a version of Cleartrip Mobile that is optimised for the iPhone and for other smartphones such as Android. To access the product, you just visit www.cleartrip.com from the browser on your iPhone or Android phone. No applications to download or install, it just works.

The entire product has been redesigned and optimised for the new generation of touchscreen smartphones that are taking over the planet. While sticking to the brutal simplicity of our original mobile site, we’ve redesigned this product from the ground up to deliver the best user experience for a touch based smartphone.

The user interface has been redesigned to take advantage of larger screens, with larger font sizes since people tend to use their touch phones at arms length. User interaction–scrolling, clicking, tapping–is now geared towards your finger as the input device instead of a joystick and a cursor. The new site is also optimised to take advantage of the dual views, portrait and landscape, supported by touch phones–so, no matter how you’re holding your phone, you’re guaranteed a gorgeous searching and booking experience.

If you own an iPhone or Android phone, we hope you love how Cleartrip Mobile works on your phone as much as we do. It’s fast, easy, safe and beautifully designed. We’ve also redesigned our information page for Cleartrip Mobile and you can check it out at www.cleartrip.com/mobile.

We’d love to hear what you think. Please leave your feedback, suggestions and criticisms in the comments.