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[Design Nuances] Ticket Redesign

Last week, the recently redesigned Cleartrip ticket made it to Page 3. While the redesign had little to do with the cameo appearance on Page 3, we wanted to share some of the thinking that went into redesigning our ticket.

A redesign of the Cleartrip ticket was long overdue and when a customer tweeted about it, we decided we’d get cracking on a redesign in our spare time. Airline tickets pose an interesting information design problem because the exact same ticket has different types of “users”, each of whom “uses” the ticket in very different contexts.

The different “users” of the ticket and their different needs are:

  1. Travellers
    • Identify the correct ticket for a flight especially on a round-trip or a multi-city trip
    • Refer to departure time and airport terminal information
    • Access to our customer care helpline for queries or amendments
    • Any additional requirements he needs to be aware of before leaving for the airport
  2. Airport Security Personnel
    • Verify the validity of ticket–is the traveller at the right terminal and eligible to enter
    • Verify number of travellers and the primary traveller’s name against an identity proof
  3. Airline Staff
    • Verify travellers’ names & identity proof, lookup the PNR and issue a boarding pass

Although the lifecycle of a flight ticket is fairly short, we wanted to make the experience as simple and as pleasant as possible for everyone that comes in contact with one of our tickets.

This is what our old ticket looked like.

The old ticket had all the necessary information available but it was hard to scan and access key information at a glance.

One of our key goals during this redesign was that we wanted to create a readily apparent visual hierarchy to highlight the key pieces of information for each of the different users to remove even the slightest friction during usage of the ticket.

Here’s what our new ticket looks like.

Itinerary details have been made more visually engaging to provide quick access to flight details.

We made the traveler list more accessible & legible; and the traveler icons provides additional assistance to the airport security, letting them quickly verify all passengers entering the airport.

This is a small step towards improving the experience for our customers and for all the people that work odd hours at our airports so that the rest of us can have a smooth flying experience.

So far we’ve heard positive things about the ticket from @jackerhack who loved the new design & proud Mr. @tatabirla who’s been zipping through the airport security with the new ticket. If you’ve had a similar experience we’d love to hear from you. We’ve got a few more tweaks and tricks for the ticket up our sleeves, more on that shortly. Stay tuned.