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IRCTC registration required to book trains with Cleartrip

IRCTC has mandated a one-time registration process for all users who wish to book trains through Cleartrip and other third-party websites. IRCTC believes this process will help curb fraudulent rail bookings.

To continue making your train bookings with Cleartrip, you will need to register with IRCTC by following a 3-step process.

1. Register your Cleartrip account with IRCTC

In the second step of your booking process, where you enter traveller names and details, you will see a message asking you to register your account. You will only see this message if your account has not already been registered with IRCTC.

Click the ‘Register for an IRCTC account now’ button to register your account.

Provide details such as your Cleartrip user name, existing or desired IRCTC user name, your email address and mobile number in the popup screen that appears.

2. Activate your account

Upon successful registration, you will see this:

Follow these steps before clicking the ‘Continue’ button:

  1. Look for an email/SMS from IRCTC with One-Time Passwords for email and SMS
  2. Click on the ‘verify partner website and activate your account’ link in the email to activate your account. Clicking this link will open an activation page in a new browser window.

Enter required inputs and click the ‘Activate IRCTC Account’ button.

3. Now click the ‘Click here to continue button’ in the booking screen to continue the booking.

This process can be completed at the time of making a booking or independently. To complete the process independently, click here.