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Goodbye steep airfares. Hello, Fare Alerts

Pricing in the airline industry is volatile with dynamic fares which oscillate every minute. The fluctuations are so variable that they sometimes change in the tiny window of time in between when you search for a flight and when you try to book it. People often search for flights just to get an indication of price so that they can come back and book it hours, days or weeks later. That price, however, isn’t going to stay static.

Today we’re launching Fare Alerts to help travellers keep tabs on airfares, get the best prices and better plan their travel.

Fare Alerts Logo

Fare Alerts is an email-based alert with multiple benefits for travellers. It not only tracks and delivers email alerts as airfares fluctuate, it also recommends when you should book. In addition, Fare Alerts helps you track airfares around public holidays or other specific dates. A unique Fare History Graph scours historical data and periodically apprises you of fare fluctuations so you can monitor fare changes and grab the best prices.

Subscribing to Fare Alerts is simple – just fill out a basic form to tell us your origin and destination, how often you’d like to receive each alert and your email address. You can create as many different Fare Alerts as you want.

Set Alert Form

You will start receiving your email alerts based on the frequency you specified. Here’s what the email alert looks like.

Fare Alerts Emailer

If you want to stop receiving an alert, just click unsubscribe in the email – simple.

It sucks when that trip you’re planning suddenly shoots up in price – we want to help you navigate these price changes and get the best deal. Set up your Fare Alerts today – after all, it’s only fare to be alert when planning your travel.