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Facebook Connect arrives at Cleartrip

Last week, when we announced the all-new better, slicker and faster Cleartrip Account, we briefly touched upon the integration with Facebook Connect:

We’ve always believed that travel is an inherently social activity – people travel to push their personal boundaries outwards through exploration.

We think travel gets so much better when you can experience and share it with your family and friends. Today, we’re going to walk through the most important pieces of the new Facebook Connect integration.

To connect your Cleartrip and Facebook accounts, all you have to do is sign in to your Cleartrip Account. You’ll see a large ‘Connect with Facebook’ button on the dashboard and profile screens.

Clicking that button will pop open a new window where you need to sign in to your Facebook account and authorise the connection with your Cleartrip Account. Once you authorise the connection, you can choose what information you want to import from your Facebook account — options include your full name, your current Facebook picture, your date of birth and your current home city. We only ask for the information we need in to make your travel search and booking experience faster and easier. Things like your full name and date of birth help because we can send that information automatically to airlines or hotels when you book. Similarly, setting your current home city as your home airport helps us personalise the deals and offers we send you, ensuring that you only see the ones that are relevant to you.

And last but not least, the most exciting feature afforded by our integration with Facebook Connect is AutoShare. When you turn AutoShare on, your travel plans are automatically shared with your network on Facebook. We love AutoShare because it lets everyone tap into the vast repository of travel experience that resides in your network. When you AutoShare your travel plans, your entire network can help you with travel tips and recommendations for your destination. AutoShare has the added advantage of letting people in your network tell you if they’re going to be in the same place as you when you’re travelling — whether they’re also travelling there or whether they’re residents of your destination. AutoShare is an opt-in feature which you can turn on and off as you please, you’re completely in control. And AutoShare is designed to protect your travel information; you can rest easy knowing that only the very general aspects of your travel will be shared — your destination, your date of arrival and nothing else.

You can turn off AutoShare at any time from within the settings section of your Cleartrip Account.

Connect your Cleartrip and Facebook accounts today to make the most of your travel — there’s a world of experienced travellers in your social network and they all want to help you have a great trip.