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Simpler and faster travel bookings for friends and family

Over the last five-plus years, Cleartrip has had the privilege of being used to book hundreds of thousands of trips of all kinds — flights, hotels and trains. Along with that privilege, we get the benefit of vast insights into the booking patterns and behaviour of our customers. We’re always asking questions about our customers — what do they book? how do they like to pay for it? how often do they book? who do they book for?

While looking at the data to answer that last question, we saw that a large number of our customers book repeatedly for people other than themselves. They book travel for family-members, friends and colleagues with astonishing regularity and for a range of different reasons — low internet and PC penetration and a lack of tech-savviness. Another key reason people book for others is that, despite the rapid growth of India’s online economy over the last few years, not everyone possesses the ability or the comfort to make payments online:

For Indians, the idea of credit isn’t second nature (yet) and the adoption of electronic payments has been slow. India remains a cash-driven economy with over 95% of retail transactions still carried out through cash. The “carded” population is significantly lower than the global benchmarks, creating challenges for e-commerce players.
~ The Nilson Report

Given that a large number of customers were booking travel for others, we wanted to make booking trips for others as simple and convenient as booking your own trips. With the all-new Cleartrip Account, we’ve dramatically simplified things — booking travel for other people no longer plays second fiddle to booking travel for yourself. Customers have been able to store detailed traveller profile data in their own user profile for a while now; details such as phone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, passport details and more could be stored and then used automatically the next time you booked. Storing these details meant you no longer had to type them in repeatedly every time you booked. In the new Cleartrip account, you can create as many different traveller profiles as you like and you can populate these profiles with as much or as little detail as you want.

When you create traveller profiles for the people you book often for, you won’t need to type in any of their details while making your next booking for them. For instance, making an international flight booking requires profile details in addition to the traveller’s name — a date of birth and passport details are also required. Filling out detailed traveller profiles for all the people you book for makes booking trips dramatically simpler, easier and faster by eliminating the tedium and errors that come with repetitive typing. All the relevant data from a traveller profile will be filled in automagically when you book.

We’ve also simplified the act of creating traveller profiles — if you make a booking for a completely new traveller, that person will be listed under the “Recently booked for” tab on the Travellers screen. You can quickly and easily transfer people into your travellers list from here or you can delete them if you don’t think you’ll ever be booking for them again.

We hope you like the new Travellers feature in your Cleartrip Account. We wanted to make booking travel for your friends and family a zero-hassle experience, we think you’re going to love it.