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Redesigning the Cleartrip Account

About a week back, we announced the new Cleartrip Account – the gorgeous new design being one of the biggest pieces to this launch.

The new Cleartrip Account bears almost no resemblance to its predecessor and sports a dramatically improved visual design and information architecture – it makes managing your travel far easier… With this redesign we’ve focused on making the experience of using your Cleartrip Account cleaner, leaner and really snappy.

Apart from establishing a new design language, we’ve completely revamped the front-end architecture. Today, we wanted to walk you through some of the key improvements we’ve made to the design.

Uniform itinerary format across flights, hotels & trains

When we first started designing for the mobile, the limited screen size demanded that we completely cut down on any unnecessary detail. This also forced us to represent information with a stronger visual hierarchy to make it readable at arm’s length. One of the key information displays we optimised for mobile was the display of itinerary details. The new itinerary unit worked so well that we later applied it to our new ticket design as well.

We originally designed this just for flights. Now we’ve standardised the itinerary display for flights, hotels and trains.

Consistent trips list across devices

We’ve also unified the design of the trip list across Cleartrip Mobile and the new Cleartrip Account

Trips by travellers

You can now filter your trip list by the travellers you book for — handy when you want to quickly find that ticket you booked for your aunt one month ago.

Improved traveller details

In the old design, we presented each traveller seperately with the respective metadata for each separate flight booked was shown below the traveller’s name — if you were travelling with your family and you wanted to look up seat numbers for your onward flight, the information was split between travellers.

We’ve improved this block so that all traveller info for a particular flight shows up together.

Cost break up by traveller

If you often book travel for friends and family we’ve got a nifty little display of prices paid person, so you know exactly who owes you how much. We hope it makes collecting much easier for you.

Custom traveller avatars

Our custom traveller icons made their first appearance when we redesigned the Cleartrip Ticket. Apart from aiding security personnel to verify passengers at the terminal entrance, it added a little personal touch to the ticket. We refined those icons for the screen and they’ve made their way into your Cleartrip Account. We designed custom icons for male and female adults, male and female children and a single unisex icon for infants. You can see the icons in action in your profile and travellers section.

Easier online cancellations

Cancelling your tickets online has been made easier with a step-by-step indicator to guide you through the process. The cancellation policy and fare rules are neatly tucked in the right column for quick reference as you go through the cancellation process.

Easier seat selection

We slaughtered a bunch of seat selection usability bugs and revamped the seat selection feature completely and it is now a delight to use.

There’s so much more to the new design that we just couldn’t cram it all into just one post. We’ll have another post sometime in the next few days. Stay tuned and we’d love to hear what you think of our new design.