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Cash payments for online bookings

Last year, we introduced payments with equal monthly instalments as a part of our commitment to giving our users the most choices about how to pay. Today, we’re adding one more choice to our payment options – you can now pay with cash, the simplest payment option of all. You are no longer restricted to cards and online bank accounts to make payments. All you need is cash in hand and a destination in mind.

Cash payments are accepted for flights and hotels, domestic or international.

To Pay with Cash, just click the “Pay with Cash” tab on the payment page to select from two different cash payment methods: “Cash on Delivery” and “Bank Deposit”.

Cash on Delivery

For “Cash on delivery”, or COD, you need to give us a pickup address, phone number and a few other details. You will receive a temporary trip ID and someone will be at your pickup address within 24 hours to collect the cash and give you a receipt for the same. Within 30 minutes of the cash being collected, your tickets will be emailed to you.

Deposit cash in a Bank

To pay with a “Bank Deposit”, you will also receive a temporary trip ID along with a set of instructions on the booking confirmation page. Just follow the instructions and deposit the cash in Cleartrip’s account by visiting your nearest ICICI Bank branch. Within the next 2 hours of depositing the cash, your tickets will be in your email’s inbox.

It’s that simple. And it’s FREE – we don’t charge you a penny extra for paying with cash. Because all your money is good here: plastic, electronic and plain old cash.

Note: You need to quote your PAN card number incase your booking amount exceeds Rs 25,000.