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Introducing the Cleartrip App for Windows Phone

When we saw what Siri recommends as the best smartphone ever, we took it to heart and built a Cleartrip app for the Windows Phone platform.

It’s been almost two years since we announced a minimum viable product for mobile. It’s been a great small screen journey since then with its own ups and downs.

To date, we’ve focused on building a great mobile site that works on all the mobile devices and were leveraging the HTML5 capabilities to provide a superior user experience for our smartphone users. But “To App or not to App” continued to be an ongoing debate inside the company.

When we saw the latest version of Windows Phone, it seemed like a great platform to test the waters. It had a refreshingly original take on the user experience as opposed to trying to clone the iPhone user interface. Not only were we impressed with its Metro Design Pattern but it helps us deliver a better experience for our Nokia-toting customers as the HTML5 support on a lot of Nokia devices isn’t quite up to the mark.

So here we are, with our first Windows App in the MarketPlace. It has been designed in keeping with the design patterns of the Windows Metro interface. The main app menu has been designed as a panoramic view:

At the moment, the app supports only flight bookings within India.

It also gives you access to all your bookings with Cleartrip, regardless of whether you booked those flights with your Windows Phone or through our main web site.

The feedback we’ve received so far has been astonishingly encouraging. We’d love to hear more. So, if you own a Windows Phone, go ahead and give Cleartrip for Windows Phone a spin. We hope you love it.