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Introducing Quickeys – Exclusive Hotel Deals at the Last Minute

Have you ever had to book a hotel room at the very last minute? Work takes more time than expected. Adventure leads to impulsive journeys.

We’ve all experienced the maddening difficulty of trying to get a good hotel room at the eleventh hour. No more.

Today, we’re introducing Quickeys — instantly available rooms at fantastic prices.

Quickeys hotels have been handpicked for their quality, service and great prices; and all Quickeys rooms are available at a flat 30% discount on the best available rate. Designed for the last minute booker, Quickeys rooms are available only for same or next day check-ins. Our list of handpicked Quickeys hotels in great locations across 50 cities is growing by the day.

Quickeys makes it dead simple to find and book a room at the last minute. Quickeys are clearly indicated in our search results for all qualifying searches:

We didn’t think it was enough to bring Quickeys to just our desktop products. What device are you going to have handy when you need a hotel room right now? It’s not your latop or desktop, it’s your phone.

So, Quickeys instant rooms are available immediately on Cleartrip Mobile. Just use your current location or select a city to view a list of Quickeys right from your smartphone. Once you find a room you want, just tap the button to place a call and book. Yep, that’s right Cleartrip Mobile now features hotels, but more on that later. This is Quickeys on your smartphone:

We’re incredibly excited to launch Quickeys today; we think it goes a long way to making travel simpler — we’ve all needed a place to sleep at the last minute. Whenever you need a Quickey, give it a whirl…