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The future is mobile

Today, Cleartrip turns 6. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by giving all of the customers who’ve brought us this far a small gift. Today we’re thrilled to announce a whopping big upgrade to Cleartrip Mobile with the addition of international flights and hotels. This upgrade cements Cleartrip Mobile’s lead as the most comprehensive mobile travel solution in India. Our new mobile products are available only on smartphones. As of today, we will no longer be developing new products for basic feature phones.

Already the best mobile travel product in the market, Cleartrip Mobile has allowed you to search and book domestic flights and trains, access details for your booked trips and browse destination guides on your mobile phone. With the addition of international flights and hotels, we’ve put all your travel in your pocket.

As with all things Cleartrip, we’ve made the international flight search faster, smarter and simpler than anything else out there. A unique two-column layout lets you easily combine inbound and outbound flights without overloading your senses. An intelligent BS Filter (we couldn’t think of a more apt name) removes all the bizarre flight options that no one ever books from search results, leaving only the sensible and logical choices. Each flight we display has a nifty visual indicator to let you compare flight duration and stops at a glance — no more squinting at your mobile screen to understand what you’re getting.

Every traveller needs a place to sleep and Cleartrip Mobile puts over 113,000 hotels worldwide at your fingertips. Whenever and wherever you need a hotel, Cleartrip Mobile will help you find a room. When you need a hotel room at the very last minute, Cleartrip Mobile offers Quickeys — just tap the “Quickeys” option to see a list of hugely discounted hotels available for immediate check-in. Or you can search for a hotel near you using your current location.

Tapping a hotel from the listing brings up hotel details, where you can flip through photos, check out the TripAdvisor traveller ratings, see what amenities the hotel has to offer and a few more details. You can also view the hotel on a map from here.

For a closer look at the hotel, just rotate your phone to see the photos full-size in landscape mode. All our hotel images are optimised for high-resolution displays such as the Retina displays on newer iPhones and the experience is gorgeous.

One more thing… with these new features, Cleartrip Mobile is now available in all of the international markets we serve. Our customers in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will also have all their travel in their pockets.

So go ahead and visit cleartrip.com on your smartphone. If you’re as addicted to your phone as we are, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it.