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A very special birthday card

Three weeks ago, Cleartrip turned all of six years old. As one can readily imagine, it was a very special day for all of us. It was made all the more special because a customer sent us the most amazing birthday card that day.

Rishabh Agarwal, a software-engineer turned professional photographer, took the time out of his day to create and send us this birthday card:

See original image here.

Alongside that fabulous photograph, Rishabh wrote a message that made every single one of us proud:

Happy Birthday Cleartrip! Thanks for being one of those rare companies who make sense on a mobile phone. Thanks for taking design so seriously even though it’s not your forte. Thanks for immediately giving a call back every time an online payment stuck. Thanks for tweeting sensible things and not just promotion materials.

I don’t know any of your team members. But what I surely know is, each one of them works really hard every single day of their life. And guess what, it shows!

It’s your 6th birthday and you’re growing up. And growing up for good! Keep up the great work. Best Wishes Always.

That made our day, because receiving just one of these from a customer is proof positive that we’ve built something special here. Thank you, Rishabh and all of our other customers who’ve supported us through the years. We’re here today because of you. We’re going to work even harder and we’re not going to stop until all of our customers feel this way about us.