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The wait is over – Cleartrip comes to iOS

Two months ago we announced our first native mobile app for the Windows Phone. Not a day has gone by since that we haven’t been asked about native Cleartrip apps for other platforms. Like, you know, those other platforms that people actually use…

Today, we’re making that leap.

Introducing Cleartrip for iPhone, the newest addition to our burgeoning family of mobile products. Smaller, simpler, smarter and sexier; the Cleartrip iPhone app has been handcrafted with love and sports a fresh new design to give you the best flight booking experience you’ve ever had on an iPhone.

Here’s a quick walk-through of what you’ll see after you’ve downloaded the Cleartrip app on your iPhone.


The first thing you’ll notice is an all new design for the flight search form. We’ve baked in some great little features like geolocation for selecting your departure airport for your current location, your most recently searched airports and the ability to easily swap your “from” and “to” cities with a tap.

All recent searches made from the app are neatly preserved so that you can perform any search again with a tap.

Search results

As much as we love the search form, it’s nothing compared to how our flight search results work. Once again, we’ve revolutionised the flight selection experience for round trip searches by introducing a two-column split screen approach so you can select your departure and return flights on the same screen. Cleartrip invented the the split screen design when we launched our web site 6 years ago; and we’re thrilled to be the first in the world to bring it to the iPhone — it just works; it’s the easiest, funnest way to select your flights and see your total price, all on one screen.

We’ve added small placeholders as indicators for your selected flights, so your selections are permanently visible while you keep scrolling to compare other available options.

You can sort flights by price or departure time. On one way searches, sorting is also available by flight duration. Along with sorting, there’s also plenty of filtering options to help you find the most suitable flight — non-stop, flight timings and airlines.

Payment options and trip details

We’ve made paying for your flights effortless and smooth as butter. If you’re an existing Expressway user, you can just sign into your Cleartrip Account and your stored cards will be available for use within the app. If you’re not an Expressway user yet, you can set up one-touch flight bookings from within the app. Once you have selected your flights, you can effortlessly make payment using your credit card, debit card or a net banking account.

If you prefer a little more difficulty in making payments, you can skip the use of Expressway and still have plenty of options — the app supports payments via credit cards, debit cards and netbanking.

Finally, the app gives you access to all the flight bookings you’ve made with Cleartrip, regardless of whether you booked those flights through the regular web site or through the app. Your trip details are always at your fingertips.

The Cleartrip iPhone app is built with bleeding-edge technologies, but the key ingredient that we’ve poured into it is love. So, if you possess an iPhone, give the app a spin and help spread the love.