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SEO contributes more at Cleartrip

Almost eight months ago, we published SEO flying higher at Cleartrip to share some insights of progress over a twelve month period. Last month, we completed two years of dedicated SEO work and we created a new infographic to share the results with our internal teams. This is the original version of the graph we created – the focus of the data is on the contribution of SEO to business growth over the last two years.

Cleartrip SEO infographic

We’ve experienced a steep rise in our organic (non-brand keyword) search traffic contribution – rising from a humble 7% in August 2010 to 24% in August 2012, coupled with a 5X increase in the volume. We’ve also seen good growth in the internal product searches with a 8X and 6X jump in international flights and hotel searches respectively. The last 2 years have been challenging but exciting, demanding but ardent, strenuous but rewarding. Stay tuned for more insights into our SEO efforts.