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Charting Expressway growth

About eight months ago, when we were readying to launch Expressway, many of us had doubts about whether the Indian market was ready for such a product. We wondered whether customers would feel comfortable storing their card details online. Optimism prevailed over skepticism and we launched Expressway at the end of March 2012.

And, boy, do we feel vindicated now. Expressway has witnessed tremendous growth along every metric that matters since we launched it. And the growth shows no signs of slowing down at all. Expressway users have more than quadrupled since April and doubled since June 2012.

The percentage of bookings made with Expressway has also risen steadily, although it peaked in May when we were running an introductory discount for Expressway bookings. Over 10% of all bookings on Cleartrip are now made with Expressway.

Interestingly, there’s a marked difference in Expressway adoption on the website versus on mobile devices — it has grown more rapidly on mobile; and the gap continues to widen. In fact, almost one-fourth of all mobile bookings are made with Expressway. This comes as no surprise as Expressway was the first product that was launched on mobile first (as Express Checkout), and then made available on all devices after seeing the adoption on mobile.

Another interesting nugget we came across was the split of credit card type among Expressway users. As many as 20% of Expressway bookings are made using American Express cards — a significantly higher percentage than that for non-Expressway bookings.

We’ve been delighted with how many customers are using Expressway to make their travel bookings even simpler. It has surpassed our own expectations and goes to prove what we’ve always wanted to believe: that the Indian digital consumer is far more discerning than most Indian companies think.