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All your Cleartrip tickets now on Passbook

The travel industry is one of the largest contributors to worldwide environmental damage — a single Mumbai-London flight produces as much carbon dioxide as a year’s worth of driving. At Cleartrip, we’re very conscious of the environmental footprint of this industry and we’re always looking at little ways in which we can help reduce the impact.

Today, we’re happy to be making a small, but meaningful contribution — paperless tickets for your smartphone. Save the planet, go paperless — Cleartrip now supports Passbook for flight, hotel and train bookings.

Featuring a nifty design, Cleartrip passes display important information about your trip upfront with additional details on the reverse of the pass.

With location and time-based Passbook notifications, your passes will automatically pop-up on your smartphone’s screen, ready for use just when they’re needed.

All confirmation emails sent by Cleartrip now have a pass file attached in addition to the PDF ticket. In addition, passes are available from within your Cleartrip Account through your desktop or mobile browser.

Passes have been designed to conform to Apple guidelines and are available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices running iOS6 or higher and any Mac running OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2 or later). In addition, the passes are also supported on Android through third-party apps like PassWallet and other third-party apps with Passbook support available from the Google Play store.

Note: Flight passes cannot currently be used as a substitute for a printed boarding pass.