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Pricewatch: Your money back when prices fall

Airline pricing is volatile — like death and taxes, this much is certain; particularly for international travel. International airfares fluctuate wildly in response to factors such as revenue management algorithms, oil prices, exchange rates and more. In a nut: it’s a pain in the neck to book an international flight without worrying about whether you nailed the best price or not.

Never fear, Cleartrip is here — we come to work everyday to take the crap out of travel; to make travel something you look forward to instead of something you worry about.

So, today, we’re bringing you Pricewatch — your money back when prices fall. Now you never have to worry about whether you booked the best price or not.

Pricewatch works for international flights only.

As soon as you book an international flight on Cleartrip, Pricewatch kicks in and begins monitoring airfares for your trip. If the fares for the flights you’ve booked falls by more than the associated change fees, Pricewatch automatically reprices your tickets to give you the cheaper fare. And, of course, Pricewatch automatically gives you money back to the tune of the difference.

For example, let’s say you booked a one-way Mumbai – London flight on British Airways (BA 138) today for Rs. 32,000 for departure on the Ides of March (March 15). Pricewatch will immediately begin tracking the cheapest fare for your flight (BA 138). And, let’s say the fare drops to Rs. 27,000 before your departure date with an additional Rs. 2,000 as the airline amendment fees. Pricewatch will automatically rebook the user on the cheaper fare and refund you Rs. 3,000.

You paidRs. 32,000
Current fareRs. 27,000
Amendment feeRs. 2,000
New totalRs. 29,000 (27,000 + 2,000)
Your refundRs. 3,000 (32,000 – 29,000)

Sometimes, when Pricewatch reprices and rebooks a flight, the PNR changes; if this happens Pricewatch will email you a new e-ticket.

International travel is often about the mystery of the unknown, but we’d like to keep the suspense confined to your destination. With Pricewatch, we want to take the uncertainty out of booking your international tickets, so you can book without worrying if the price is right. You focus on your trip, let Pricewatch worry about your price.