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Goodbye white space

You can put it down to the fabled itch — after seven long years, Cleartrip and White Space are getting a divorce. Cleartrip has always focused on simplicity in the design of our products and our home page has been no different; it’s simple, focused and devoid of clutter.

We thought these were good things, but market research showed otherwise. In recent interviews conducted by our market research teams, we heard the same things over and over again:

  • Clutter = Cheap. Seeing the lack of clutter on our home page leads to customers perceiving the Cleartrip brand as ‘premium’ or ‘expensive’ and that’s not good for us.
  • People like their preferred travel websites to look like Christmas trees on Christmas day, they want the flashing, blinking, dancing and twinkling. Without any of the bling, Cleartrip’s home page was coming off as the unadorned step-child that no one cared about enough to decorate.

In addition to the above two themes, our own marketing teams have long been clamouring for more real estate to be made available to them to showcase our many deals, offers, coupons and more.

The writing has been on the wall for a long time, we just needed the courage to read it and accept it. Today, we’re doing just that and surrendering to design’s new mantra — Form before function.

In just a few weeks, we will be launching an all new home page design with more bells, whistles and bling than you can shake a stick at. Here’s a sneak preview:

Much to the anguish of Cleartrip’s celebrated design and product teams, marketing has finally won the war. It no longer makes sense for us to go tilting at windmills. We’ve fought the good fight as long as we could, but now we need to surrender to conventional business wisdom and the realities of what customers prefer.

It’s a sad day. Goodbye white space, we’ll miss you.