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An all new Cleartrip experience

Good design is good business — this notion is deeply embedded in Cleartrip’s DNA. We’ve always believed this and we always will. Design is what sets us apart.

For almost 7 years, the design framework above has served us well. It has supported years of product expansion and iteration, while consistently delivering the best customer experience in the industry. But, the world around us has changed, technology has marched on relentlessly — browser capabilities, Post-PC devices, higher speed Internet connections — and we need to move forward.

Over a year ago, we began an ambitious redesign project with the goal of making the best product in the market obsolete by refashioning it into something dramatically better. Given how we sweat the details, we knew it was impossible for us to redesign everything all at once, so we tackled the job in three phases. The first phase of the redesign was marked with the release of a completely redesigned Cleartrip Account. The second phase was the launch of our redesigned booking process.

Today, marks the third and final phase — our flight and hotel search products have been redesigned and re-imagined from the ground up. This is a particularly thrilling moment in time for us, because while only a small percentage of our users see the Cleartrip Account or the booking process, a hundred percent of our users see our search products. Codenamed ‘Tuxedo’, this project has been a true labour of love for us — months and months of hard work, which has given us a new design framework for the next five years.

It is with an immense sense of pride that we give you the redesign we’ve been slaving over. In the words of one person who had a sneak preview, “It’s beautiful”. There is so much that is new and so much to speak of, but we’ll get to that with more details on the redesign over the next few days.

It’s faster, simpler and vastly better than what we had before. It’s better than anything else out there.

For now, we’ll just let a few images speak for themselves. Check out the slideshow below, and for best results, look at it in fullscreen mode by clicking the icon at the top-right of the widget.

At Cleartrip, we build world-class products. We know it’ll never be perfect, but we’ll never stop trying to make it perfect. That’s a promise.

Aside: I’d like to share something personal. When I was a kid growing up in Mumbai, I lived in an India obsessed with ‘phoren maal‘. Products with the ‘Made in India’ label were considered substandard; shoddily designed and engineered with poor finish and quality. They were, in a word, undesirable. To me, the association of India with low quality always stung.

Today, when I remember that time, I thank my lucky stars and I take great pride; because, at Cleartrip, I have the privilege of working with amazing people who won’t stop until we have the best products in the world. There are no words to adequately express the honour or pride I feel at working by their side every day.