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Tuxedoes everywhere

We rolled out our new design more than a month back. At the time, only our flight search & hotel search had migrated to the new design. We wanted to keep a laser focus on our core products, get them to a stable condition before touching any of the other products. Having said that, we’ve been hard at work all along to move all our products to the new design. In fact, our Flight + Hotel Packages product was originally designed using the Tuxedo design framework; but we chose to retrofit the older design onto it because Tuxedo didn’t launch till 3 months later and we didn’t want to give the design away.

By now, you may have already experienced the Bus search that launched soon after the redesign – buses was the first new product which leveraged the new design language & framework. With Trains & Packages moving to the new design, we are happy to announce that all our core products are now wearing Tuxedoes.

Codenamed ‘Tuxedo’, this project has been a true labour of love for us – months and months of hard work, which has given us a new design framework for the next five years.

Search forms

Search results

Tool bars

You can see we are putting our tool bars to good use. The search summary, view switchers and smart tabs — and we’re just loving the way the design of the toolbars is scaling across our different products.

Individual result units

Unifying the user experience across all products is a huge milestone for us. We believe, consistency not only helps our customers as they move from one product to another but it also builds a tremendous amount of trust. The consistency in design patterns and code is also going a long way in helping our teams deliver much faster.

As we finish the fourth phase of Tuxedo, we start another phase that takes our products closer to being more cohesive. Stay tuned, we’ll be back with more news on this front.