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Cleartrip for iPhone redesigned for iOS 7

Just yesterday, we shared some data on the iOS 7 adoption rate in India. We were all so shocked at the blistering pace at which iOS 7 was being adopted in India, that we stayed up all night, redesigned Cleartrip Mobile for iOS 7, submitted it to the App Store and got it approved…

Just kidding, we’ve been working on it for a few weeks now.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, described iOS 7 as the “biggest change to iOS since the iPhone” was launched in 2007. And, boy, is it big. When we first loaded the developer preview on our iPhones, the redesign felt so overwhelmingly new and different that it took some days to get used to the whole new level of minimal. But soon enough, the visual tone of the iOS 6 along with the Cleartrip app began looking and feeling awfully dated.

We’re thrilled to announce the completely redesigned Cleartrip for iPhone — refined and polished to take advantage of the simplicity and beauty of iOS 7.

Taking our cues from the design of iOS 7, we bid farewell to textures and gradients; and with those out of the way, the focus lies squarely on the content and the task at hand. Cleartrip for iPhone now feels lighter, cleaner, simpler and snappier. We’ve fine-tuned all the typography in the app to take advantage of iOS 7’s new Text Design & Rendering Architecture.

Take a gander at some of the redesigned screens…

While the design is optimised for iOS 7, we’ve also managed to design it such that it feels closer to home, closer to the design of our products for desktop and other mobile platforms. This is how the new design aligns with Cleartrip’s recent Tuxedo site redesign and our other mobile products.

It feels great to have our various products feel like they all belong to the same design family.

We highly recommend you to update your Cleartrip app and experience a more unified Cleartrip experience. For the design-minded among you, stay tuned for a post tomorrow where we will be delving into design details.