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Trains and Hotels come to Cleartrip for iPhone

Earlier this month, we released two upgrades to Cleartrip for Android — first, with the addition of hotels; followed by the return of Indian Railways bookings. Obviously, we didn’t want to keep our iOS users waiting too long before they could share in all the fun…

So, today we’re thrilled to announce that the ability to book trains for over 4,000 stations in India and over 300,000 hotels across the world, comes to Cleartrip for iPhone in a single power-packed release.

We’d like to present a quick walk-through for Trains and Hotels in Cleartrip for iPhone.


The best of iOS 7’s radical new design combines with Cleartrip’s own spit and polish in version 4.0 of Cleartrip for iPhone. Cleartrip for iPhone is the first fully native app to offer IRCTC train bookings on iOS devices. Needless to say, it is also the smoothest iOS app for booking train tickets with your iPhone. What’s more, as of this moment, there are ZERO additional Cleartrip fees for booking train tickets from our apps (iOS and Android).

Syncing Cleartrip and IRCTC accounts

In compliance with guidelines issued by IRCTC, a one-time sync is required to connect your Cleartrip and IRCTC accounts before you can make train bookings with us. If you haven’t synced your accounts already, you can sync them from within the app (as a fair warning, we’d like to add that this step can sometimes take a while or fail due to communication problems with IRCTC’s servers).

Availability of service: Due to restrictions imposed by IRCTC, train availability check and booking facilities are not available between 0800—1200 hrs IST and again between 2330–0030 hrs IST everyday. Tatkal tickets are available from within the app, but only after 12 noon.


Taking advantage of iOS’ amazing geo-location capabilities, a “Show hotels near me” button atop the hotel search form brings up a list of hotels nearest to your current location, sorted by distance and available for immediate check-in. Same-day and next-day check-ins are eligible for amazing last-minute deals with Cleartrip’s exclusive Quickeys rate hotels.

The hotel search supports search by specific cities, landmarks, locations and even hotel names. Check-in and check-out dates are optional as Cleartrip for iPhone supports dateless hotel searches because just taking a quick look at hotels in a destination shouldn’t be so cumbersome.

Search results

Search results for hotels can be viewed as a list or on a map-view with controls to switch between the two views available at the bottom-left of the display. Hotels in the results can be easily sorted and filtered by a variety of parameters, so you can fine-tune the results to show only what suits you best.

Hotel Details

Tapping a hotel name will bring you to an overview screen for that hotel, designed to give you all the information you need at a glance. Additional tabs are also available from the overview screen for photos, traveler reviews, hotel info and location.

Expressway — Hassle-free bookings with your saved cards

If you’re a frequent traveler, you should use Expressway to make easier and faster bookings with one-touch payments. If you’ve saved your card details with Expressway, your saved cards details are automatically available while making payments hotels, trains and flights.

So give it a whirl and share your feedback with us in the comments or email us at mobile@cleartrip.com. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.