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Announcing in-app cancellations for flights, hotels & trains

At Cleartrip, we keep an ear out for what our customers want from our products. When it comes to our portfolio of mobile products, one of the most requested features has been the ability to cancel travel bookings through the apps. While this is useful for flight and hotel bookings, it is especially so for trains, where the cancellation penalty is low, and availability is restricted. So it makes sense to book tickets in advance and then cancel if your plans change closer to the travel date.

Today, we’re announcing the availability of in-app cancellations for your flight, hotel and train bookings through Cleartrip’s Android and iOS apps. We’re proud to say that this is one more in a long line of firsts from Cleartrip — we’re the first online travel company in India (if not the world) to offer cancellations in mobile apps.

Designed with Cleartrip’s trademark simplicity and ease-of-use, in-app cancellations are a walk in the park. Tap on any of your upcoming trips in the Trips section and you’ll see a Cancellations button above the trip details.

Tapping the Cancellations button takes you into the cancellation flow. For flights and trains, you have the added option to select which passengers or sectors you wish to cancel.

You can then review the cancellation options you’ve chosen and the refund you’ll get, before finally cancelling and seeing the cancellation confirmation screen.

Once you’ve cancelled a trip, you can of course see the cancelled trip details by opening the trip in the app.

So next time you need to cancel a ticket, do it through the Cleartrip app. And let us know what you think by writing to us at mobile@cleartrip.com. And if you haven’t used the Cleartrip apps yet, now’s the time to download them.