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Introducing in-app rescheduling for domestic flights

In today’s world, we expect to be able to pull out our smartphones and do almost anything with them instantly. When we find that there are things we can’t do with our phones, we get frustrated.

At Cleartrip, we hate frustrating customers. And one of the most frustrating things about air travel is making changes to your flight bookings. We reduced this frustration considerably with the ability to change flights online last year. But when you can book your flights and cancel them on the go, why should you have to wait till you get to a laptop to change flights?

We don’t think you should. Which is why today we’re glad to announce the arrival of in-app flight changes in the Cleartrip apps. Whether you want to reschedule part of the trip or whole, for one passenger or all, you can do it all from right within the app. You’ll get a confirmation and even see your rescheduled trip details immediately. Just select any domestic trip you want to change flights for, tap on ‘Reschedule’, and away you go.

In the first step, you need to choose alternate travel dates for the onward journey and/or the return journey, and select the passengers for whom you want to change flights. For the remaining passengers and legs of the journey, the original booking would stay as is.

Once you’ve selected the new dates and the passengers / legs you want to change, you’ll see a list of flights to choose from. The fares you see here are the difference you need to pay after taking into account the rescheduling fee and the fare for the revised dates. If this difference is negative, you’ll get a refund for the difference.

Once you select the desired flight, you can review the selection and make the payment as you would for a normal flight booking, and you’ll get a confirmation for the change.

You can even see your rescheduled trip details immediately, right there in the app.

So next time you want to change a flight, just whip out your phone and do it right in the Cleartrip app. To our knowledge, this is the first truly in-app rescheduling experience in any travel app in the world. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on mobile@cleartrip.com.