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Mobile traffic surpasses Desktop on Cleartrip (Quarterly Mobile Insight for Q4’14)


The recent release of our Quarterly Mobile Insight for Q4’14 indicated an inflection point for Mobile-first customers on Cleartrip. We noted that over 53% of our total traffic emanates from the mobile channels…a first time ever for Cleartrip, overshadowing the desktop channel.

Even more interesting was the fact that, over 70% of our mobile customers are now using mobile as their only channel for transaction on Cleartrip. And with the response we received over the last few days to the upgrade of our mobile site, we really do believe that the Mobile as a transaction channel has arrived…and it’s here to stay.

Infact, Cleartrip Mobile has evolved to a point where more than half of our customers start with no prior experience on any other channel (website, phone), indicating the comfort and implicit trust they place on our app(s) & mobile website. Almost 47% of contribution to our mobile traffic still comes from Mobile Web, and we stay committed to providing our customers the ease of using the channels they prefer.

This quarter also saw a dip in air fares by around 13% (v/s. the festive Q3’14). This gave travelers some great options for vacations. We noted a distinct 30% increase in transactions for both air & hotels QoQ. Infact, the share of hotel bookings on mobile crept up higher than air bookings. With the launch of Hotels on our Windows Phone App just last quarter, we’ve already started seeing some very encouraging growth in room nights from that channel.

Overall, Cleartrip Mobile contributes an average of 40% of all transactions on Cleartrip.

Not just resorting to last minute bookings from Mobile phones, we’re also witnessing a steady trend in the Mobile being used for planned holidays, too. This scenario was a tad different a few months back. In light of this, we’re only more driven to add several pre-booking (Quickeys, Pay@hotel, Expressway) & post-booking (Amendments, Cancellations & Check-ins) features on our app over the last few quarters and we’re thrilled to see a phenomenal response to them all. A quick comparison of the utilization of a lot of these features, already paints a better picture for mobile v/s. desktop, where indications of higher customer engagement over mobile are reflected in higher retention & usage on mobile.

Mobile brands seem to be high up in the race for customer mind share, too. This quarter, we noted a visibly strong growth in the usage of Micromax, Xiaomi & Google devices. In the last 6-months, the Samsung+Apple traffic share has reduced by around 10 share points, with distributed growth benefit for other brands.

2015 began at a clinging high for Cleartrip Mobile. We bagged the ‘Best User Experience’ Award at GSF2015, soon after getting featured by Apple in the ‘App Store Best Apps of 2014’ (the only Indian travel app featured).

The last quarter only encourages us in our efforts to constantly improve, better and evolve the customer experience on Cleartrip Mobile. And we’re at it each day.