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Looking for product designers

Cleartrip breathes design. One of our founders is a designer and thats how it has become part of our DNA. We have been consistently setting high benchmarks in design – Be it iOS7 design, roundtrip results on mobile or an app for Apple watch. We believe in the power of design and entire organization is highly sensitised to it. Even our engineers can give other designers a run for their money when it comes to pixel perfection.

We have some exciting projects lined up and are looking for young, enthusiastic and passionate product designers. Working as a product designer at Cleartrip is a classic opportunity to let the world know that you care deeply about user experience. Also, we believe design is as much about broader user experience as it is about attention to detail. You’ll be at the forefront of the company’s efforts and be directly responsible for decisions that shape the product. Sounds like your type? Join us.

You can write directly to kedar.nimkar@cleartrip.com. Find out more about the job descriptions for web and mobile designers in our jobs section.

There are also lot more exciting job opportunities at Cleartrip