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When Cupid got cheeky

If you’ve followed the kind of posts we’ve put out in the past, you will have noticed how most of our communication has often been affable and informal, even bordering on quirky. We’ve always been big proponents of keeping it simple and nifty, rather than fancy and complicated. So we thought it was time to take a slightly different track. #KuchHatke, maybe.

And what better time to do that, than the onset of Valentine’s Day, or how some call it, ‘being-single-like-on-any-other-day’.

So we got a little sassy and tried our hand at some tongue-in-cheek memes and infographics. These range from offering ‘Utterly Useless Advice to Survive Valentine’s Day as a Single’ to highlighting how ‘some bfs and gfs are just plain evil’.



  Head over to our comical campaign pages and tell us what you think, will ya?




And feel free to share these with your beloved. Or not 😉

But single, hooked or hitched…there’s something for everyone this Valentine’s Day on Cleartrip Activities no matter if you are in Mumbai, Bengaluru or New Delhi.