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Hotels for Pets

Yes! You read that right.
No! We’re not talking about pet-friendly hotels, but hotels purely for pets.

Whether 2-legged or 4-legged, we understand that it’s all about loving your family. And we’re going all out to make sure you get what you look for. Today on Cleartrip, we’re proud to introduce Hotels for pets.




Our furry friends haven’t had it too easy. For the past many months, we’ve been researching different types of travelers in the accommodation space…and boy, there are many. We found a huge segment of people who wish to travel without their pets, but love them enough to not leave them in the lurch. Their reasons were:
  1. It’s too tiring & exhausting for the pet
  2. Change of place / environment effects the pet’s health
  3. Sometimes it’s impossible to take pets to the place that they are going to
  4. It’s also good to give pets their own space. Except dogs 😉
A quick analysis showed that these pets vary in size, breed and also category. Following is a snapshot of our research from 3 major cities; Mumbai, Bangalore & Delhi.




Personally, I have faced challenges myself when looking for a dog-friendly hotel. Even if you find one, there are tons of restrictions.

This led us to change the game and think of partnering with hotels that are exclusively built for pets.


So were we, until we got to the field and started locating such hotels. Cleartrip has tied up with more than 800 hotels across India which are built only for pets. These hotels are fully-equipped with amenities and recreation options for pets, with prices starting at as low as Rs. 3,000 per night.




Our Market Experts are discovering and contracting more such hotels each day, so you can be assured that your pets are going to stay in luxury.

All this, so our customers can holiday without a strand of worry about how their furry friends are, in their absence.

Search & book a fancy hotel for your pet today & let us know the experience.