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Charting Activities on Cleartrip Mobile (Quarterly Mobile Insight Q4’16)

In a rapidly growing mobile-first economy, Cleartrip Mobile continues its aggressive growth. In the last quarter of FY’16 (infographic below), Mobile on Cleartrip accounted for 74% of the traffic and 42% of transactions, posting a robust  87% YoY growth in transactions. Most of this growth is synchronous with the launch of Cleartrip Activities mid last year, which presented customers with an array of specially curated experiences in their own city, or even while they were away.

With 13,000 experiences across 240 categories in 50 cities from 6,600 suppliers in India, Activities has generated humongous interest across our users. This is visible in the number of searches on our apps which have been growing  at a sharp pace. An interesting dimension here, is the fact that almost 80% of the Activities’ users book in their home-city, demonstrating the keen interest consumers have, about knowing all that can be done, in the city they stay in.

Interest in Activities is not just  from our existing users, but from a fresh set of  new customers, too. That over 43% of people who search for Activities are under the age band of 18–25 years, against the traditional 28–40 years’ band that typically searches for air, accommodation or rail, is noteworthy. Activity searchers also comprise a high percent of females.

During Q4’16, we have seen 38% of total searches on our Mobile Apps attributable to the Activities product. Clearly, the breadth and depth of the product offering that covers categories across theme parks, skill workshops, F&B offerings, outdoor sports, luxury bike-rentals and thousands of things-to-do, seems to be resonating with our consumers.

We are seeing a very uniform distribution of transactions across different price ranges, starting from as low as Rs. 150 to over Rs. 750. But they seem to be very last-minute decisions with over 60% of our users making transactions just a day prior to the Activity.

On the Travel side of things, we are pleased with how Cleartrip Mobile is transitioning beyond just another transaction channel. With a ~64% YoY growth on Accommodation and 53% YoY growth on Air transactions, we see it evolving each day, to deliver a richer customer experience.