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Cleartrip turns 10

“The journey is the destination” – Dan Eldon

Seems like not too long ago, that we dreamt of building for Indian travelers, a clean, no-nonsense and non-intrusive travel product to search and book. Something that was so simple it would change the way travel was booked forever. All this, while keeping the pricing honest, choices transparent and interactions consistently positive.

From a rough sketch on a paper napkin, to millions of diehard customers, we’ve all come a long way. Forgive the pun, but what a trip it has been – lots of fun, ups & downs, loads of work & everything else that goes into a great journey!

We’ve led on the user experience front, pioneered multiple innovations consistently (split screen search, Expressway, Online amendments), championed mobile-first & taken bold positions in the journey (customer servicespam, mobile web)

It’s exhilarating that we’ve all traversed this distance together for 10-years, from strength to strength & a big, big thank-you to all of our customers and to Cleartrip’s amazing people–we’re glad to have all of you with us.

But our journey has only just begun. There’s a lot to build. With Cleartrip Local, we have reinvented the wheel again solving some of the tough problems for our customers. This combined with our world class travel product really makes us a unique choice for customers at home or while traveling.

The doers at Cleartrip made a short video of the journey. This is what our world looks like on the other side of your screens. Where real people, real madness and the real magic resides.

Nothing makes us happier than happy customers-it’s a real privilege serving the Cleartrip customer, and we will continue to deliver the promise of building awesome beautiful products.

Thank you.