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What’s happening, lots happening!

Two weeks back, we launched “Cleartrip Local”. Cleartrip Local is a bold way to reimagine the “trip” in the context of your home city.

At Cleartrip, we are more attuned to performance advertising as we firmly believe in the cliched adage “In God we trust, the rest bring data”. We wanted to take a different approach on Local, as we firmly believe that this product can scale exceedingly well with powerful communication combined with wider reach. So, came the idea of using TV to communicate the product that we have built, with of-course using new tech for measurements.

Cleartrip Local caters to the ‘here & now’. We brainstormed multiple moments of truth which included the fear of missing out, illusion of ’same old, same old’ in the city, & the illusion of complete knowledge around what’s happening around you. And one line resonated with a lot of us – “You are a stranger in your own city” & out came the central idea for the campaign – “What’s happening, lots happening”.

While the core idea was nailed, we were worried on the execution as most ideas falter at this stage. To make it more challenging, as has always been with us, the product had to be the protagonist. Our good friends at Mullen Lintas meticulously planned the details so well that the film came out exactly how it was visualised in the storyboard. Creativity with perfect execution – We couldn’t ask for more.

We have gone live with the campaign across TV, Radio & online. By far, the largest campaign that we have launched in Cleartrip, we are excited to see it come alive on multiple formats.

Here are the links to the films.


60 seconder





True to the brand’s soul, the films are cool, quirky & fun. Keep a look out for our happening ads on all your favourite TV channels or scoot over to the Cleartrip Youtube channel to access them.

Next time, when somebody asks you “What’s happening”, we hope that you turn around and say “Lot’s happening”.