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Cleartrip blog now also on Medium

First of all a very Happy New Year to all the readers. This year we have tonnes of insights on Travel and Local to be shared. So far, we have used the Cleartrip blog mainly for making announcements, sharing design nuances and interesting statistics. In 2017 we plan to continue sharing all of that. In addition you will see us write about, tech nuances, product learnings, a sneak peek into the life inside at Cleartrip and more…

We started blogging almost 10 years ago on Squarespace & then moved to WordPress. No doubt WP is good and has supported us for long but here’s why we would like to be our presence felt on Medium as well.

Cleartrip now also on Medium


Medium has a better reading experience. Here’s one informative article to know more about typography nuances on Medium. The bullets, indentation, heading, sub headings, quotes, hyperlinks, spacing between the lines and paragraphs are all well designed. The usage of whitespace gives a phenomenal reading experience and also helps keep the reader focused. Images uploaded in 2x are automatically resized and adjusted to fit even non-retina screens.

Medium is meant for writers. It’s simple and intuitive way to include writers, contributors and editors, makes it easy to share drafts, among peers to get feedback.

Existing community

Medium already has a huge reader base; A community of like-minded people and avid readers. We are hopeful of reaching to a bigger base of people and share our insights. Social integration is absolutely seamless. A simple publish automatically publishes the snippet on to Facebook and Twitter.

Like Cleartrip, our blog has been constantly evolving and are listening to customers. Stay tuned and follow us for more updates. We hope to share interesting insights in Travel and Local in the year ahead.

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