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Cleartrip + Uber = Simpler Travel + Transport

At Cleartrip, we obsess on the problems our users face and are always on the lookout to identify and solve them. We have been hard at work providing the best travel booking experience for over a decade, and now taking that over to the Local things-to-do space as well. But we realised there’s still a gap when it comes to last mile connectivity, be it going to the airport, railway station, hotel or activity, dining or event destination. When we thought more about this and had conversations with our customers, this theme kept coming up.

“I am late for the airport, I should have booked a cab earlier”
“I don’t commute by cabs much and have to download the app every time I have to book one”
“I get bored all the time when I am in cab stuck in this stupid traffic”
“Why can’t my cab app also figure out my destination?”

Well, we were not going to get into the cab hailing service, for sure. So, we grabbed the best option out there. We partnered with Uber, India’s leading ride sharing platform, to address these problems.

Book an Uber ride from Cleartrip app

Now you can book Uber ride to the airport or the location of your activity from within the Cleartrip app. You just need to connect your Uber account with your Cleartrip account (one time) and you are good to go. “Ride with Uber” button starts appearing in trip details page in app 4 hours before the journey start time. Tapping on the button will open Uber’s ride request widget which has all the functionalities that you get in Uber app to provide a seamless experience. We automatically fill in the pickup and drop locations for you. No more typing and searching and wondering if the destination entered is the right one. We also send a reminder to you to plan for your local transportation in advance. Oh, and did we mention this is available anywhere in the world Uber operates?


Contextual experiences with Uber

That’s not all. We took the Cleartrip + Uber experience a few steps further. You can now discover and book local experiences in your city while you are in your Uber ride. We use various parameters like time of the day, the day of the week and your destination to generate relevant content for you to browse through and book while you are stuck in city traffic. This means you can now plan your lunch on your way to the office on Tuesday or your weekend while coming back home on Thursday evening. Maybe even plan a special Goa trip from the most comprehensive choice of things-to-do available anywhere. All this when you have got enough time to spare getting bored in your ride.


As always give this a spin and let us know what you think. Leave a note for us at mobile@cleartrip.com.