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Introducing Expressway Plus – Priority Flying

When we think of travelling, our minds merrily omit airport hassles. We’re all about what to pack and where to eat, when we reach our destination.

Closer to the travel date, however, worry starts gnawing at us. What is the appropriate time to leave home? The aim is always to hit the sweet spot between not too early, and not too late…

The obstacles, of course, are many and varied –

  • A political rally somewhere
  • Bad weather (read gust of wind) can uproot a tree
  • Unexpected rain (read drizzle) can flood the streets
  • Cab drivers can go on strike

Clearly, the only way is to get to the airport three days ahead of time. Since that’s not feasible, we decided to do something. After a successful launch of Expressway and also witnessing tremendous growth in the last 4 years, we are introducing Expressway Plus. Something to simplify travel further.

Expressway Plus - Priority Flying

Priority flying. What the rest of the world already knows as expedited security. With Expressway Plus, we’ll help you clear security in advance, so you’ll never have to stress about getting to airport 15 hours early. No more snaking queues, no more harried rushing to reach the gate on time.

Keep your shoes on, keep your jacket on. Let your laptop be where it is. No unpacking, no undressing. Expressway Plus helps you eliminate the unpleasantness of airports.

What’s even better? We’re offering transfers from the gate to your flight in case you’re delayed, or if you overslept.

There’s a host of other fantastic benefits, and more awesome perks in the pipeline. Head on over to Expressway Plus, and become a member today!