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Design nuances of Indian Rupee Symbol

We at Cleartrip, have always shared design nuances of products and features we build. We believe it’s a great way to make every reader sensitive to design. Here’s an audio interview with Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam, the man who designed currency sign for the Indian rupee, the official currency of India.

Following are design related questions asked during the interview. Hope you get some interesting insights on how the Rupee symbol was designed. You can find more details in the document submitted by him to the government of India.

  • What were the design goals while designing the rupee sign? Visual harmony, culture, context and any other considerations?
  • What were your design goals before getting to design?
  • What was your process to evaluate that the symbol you made will work across all use cases? Size, color, shape, context, language, etc..
  • What should be the process if someone has to design for a wider set of people?
  • What is the significance of horizontal lines versus vertical lines in the currency symbols?
  • Is it possible to make design timeless?
  • What would have been your top 2 design goals, if you had an opportunity to design the 2000 rupee note?