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Introducing ‘Cleartrip Instant Search’ for Hotels

At Cleartrip we strive towards one clear goal – to help make travel decisions fast and simple. And a key element in enabling fast decision making is to show the best results in the quickest way possible; thus search performance has always been important to us.

When we solved for helping choose the perfect hotel faster for our desktop users with the Tuxedo flow, it gave us a 50% improvement in performance along with a 10% jump in conversion. With a considerable amount of traffic coming from mobile today, we wanted to take up the tougher challenge to be more aligned with our mobile users’ needs for instant hotel search.

Motivated by some Twitter love shown for the flights product, we asked ourselves – Wouldn’t it be great if one could also search and book a hotel quick and easy, on-the-go? While waiting for a traffic signal on the way to the airport or even just before boarding a flight?

Presenting Instant Search

Our new and improved search feature on mobile that saves you those precious seconds and minutes spent waiting for search pages to load.

When can you see it in action?

Select a city or locality from the dropdown menu, and move on to the select dates. Search is initiated in the background and results matching your criteria are kept ready. The moment you click on ‘Show hotels’, you’ll get the complete results’ set on your app immediately!

Here’s how it looks on the App



Yes, it’s that quick! You now can complete your booking within the time you would earlier spend waiting for results.

How has this impacted users?

In the last 10 days, our tests with ‘Instant Search’ on the iOS platform showed that 85% of the users saw ‘search results’ in under 2 seconds as compared to 8 seconds earlier – a 75% reduction in load times!

This is just a glimpse into how we are consistently working towards improving our user’s experience and making every second spent on travel count.

This feature is already available on both the iOS and Android apps, so go ahead, try ‘Instant Search’, and let us know what you think!