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Introducing Cleartrip Stories

‘Once upon a time…’- these words bring back beautiful childhood memories of our daadis and naanis (grandmothers) telling us endless stories and taking us to fantasy journey with their tales. But we have all grown up now, moved on with our lives with little or no place of stories in it. Or is there?

Stories are and will always be an important part of our lives. We consume stories all the time. Every conversation or interaction that we have, discussing a place, a person or an experience is, in fact, a story. Review a restaurant, it is a story. Ask a friend for a suggestion of vacation you want to take and comes another story.

Introducing Cleartrip stories
We know that insights about things happening in your city is not only about news reported on TV and papers. We also know that travel is not only about booking your tickets and enjoying your experiences. Both involve tedious task of searching and researching till the time you get exhausted and start looking for recommendations from friends.

We believe, we can be that friend you look for, for satiating all your local exploration needs, whether you are travelling or in your home city. We’d like to be there when you feel the need to take a break, when you look for inspiration, when you want to know what is happening in your city or beyond and also when you finally decide to book. Taking another step towards being a true friend, we introduce Cleartrip Stories. These are stories written by travel enthusiasts sharing their knowledge of best getaways you can take, stories that present expert reviews of restaurants you can explore, stories that talk about things happening in your city, or about those things you never knew existed in your city. Cleartrip Stories is your organised guide for any place you want to know about. It goes beyond a regular tourist itinerary, listings and listicles and gives you in-depth insights into local views of experiences.

Where can you find stories?
You can dive into the pool of these intriguing stories from a featured page in the app. Here is how it looks:`

Now, you wouldn’t want to keep something that you like, only to you. Hence, we have made it super easy for you to share the stories that you like with your friends and family. You also have the option to bookmark them for reading later.

What’s even better is instead of loading the entire story in one go, we present a compressed view of a story for you to get a glimpse of it first. If you like it you can read the full story and if it is not what you are in a mood for right now, there’s always an option to read another one.

You can always access all the stories here. We have pulled out a bunch of stories we think you may find interesting:
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As always, give this a spin and let us know what you want to read about. Leave a note for us at mobile@cleartrip.com