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Cleartrip’s Inaugural MENA Insights Report

Travel is moving online in the MENA region, and fast. But what are the trends and key insights dominating online travel in 2017 so far? To find out we have launched our inaugural edition of the Cleartrip MENA Insights report. A first of its kind in the Middle East, we dig into unique MENA travel trends, mobile consumption habits and booking behaviour.

Our insights report uses Cleartrip’s own proprietary data, passenger behaviour information and data from over 400 airlines that we have integrated with. We’ve shifted through millions of data points to put together a comprehensive report of the regions online travel industry.

What are some of the key insights?
The MENA region is going mobile, but not everyone is ready to book on their mobile yet. While 40% of overall traffic is from a mobile device, only 20% of people book on a mobile. But, we don’t think that will last long – mobile bookings are growing at a rate of 155% YOY.

World Has Gone Mobile


Are you an iOS or Android fan?
Android wins this one. Over 70% of mobile traffic is from an Android operating system. While mobile transactions on iOS are higher, we expect Android adoption to significantly outpace iOS in the future.

iOS vs Android


What’s hot & what’s trending?
The top 5 destinations outside the GCC region and India were Manila, Cairo, Amman, Beirut and Kathmandu. And the top new trending destinations were Da Nang in Vietnam with a whopping 1,933% YOY growth, followed by Yerevan (+959%), Tbilisi (+201%) and Baku (+182%).

Cleartrip Top Destinations


The UAE loves to travel! But, so does the rest of GCC.
The UAE takes the top spot with the average number of trips per person at 1.93 in the last 6 months. Bahrain is second at 1.83, followed by Oman at 1.71 while KSA & Kuwait tie at 1.61.

To see the trends and patterns shaping the MENA’s online travel industry, see the full report here:
Cleartrip MENA Insights - Infographic