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Alexa, ask Cleartrip to …

You are lying on your couch thinking about your next travel destination. You can’t decide where – there are so many options. But which one fits the budget? You also know that flights are, probably, the most expensive element of the travel. You need to search but you have to get your mobile phone or laptop to get searching. Or do you?

Introducing the Cleartrip Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo platform. Now you don’t need to get off the couch, just ask the Cleartrip skill to find you the cheapest flight between any origin and destination for any date. Repeat a few times with different combinations to firm up your shortlist of destinations. Here are few things you can try:

“Alexa, ask Cleartrip to search flights from Bangalore to Lucknow next weekend”

“Alexa, ask Cleartrip what is the flight fare from Rome to Paris”

At Cleartrip this is not the first time that we have worked on voice. Our Android app had a voice search feature way back in 2014. But we were a little ahead of the curve then with voice recognition and NLP techniques not as reliable as they are today and, hence, removed the feature about a year ago.

We believe that voice is a medium for the future, one that everyone is comfortable with, and makes discovery easier and swifter by eliminating the need for multiple inputs. Furthermore, voice also makes travel discovery a more engaging and social experience by taking the process beyond single-user screens and allowing users to plan their travels with family and friends.

If you have an Echo device, give the Cleartrip skill a try and share your with us feedback at product @ cleartrip.com.