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We have the answer to your Time vs. Money dilemma…

Picking the right flight for your international travel can be tricky. There are a bunch of preferences that travellers toggle between – some have a preferred time of travel, some only fly their favorite airline while some want a specific transit airport (Changi takers?). But for most, there are two crucial factors that dominate their decision-making – flight fare and duration of travel.

If you decide you want to reach your destination the soonest, flight fares are usually prohibitively expensive. So then you decide to go easy on your pocket, but now you have to circle the world twice before getting to your destination! How do you tackle this?

Introducing the 2-dimensional filter of flight duration vs. fare to help you find your perfect flight!

The magic of 2-d

For every long-haul international search, we cherry-pick the best flights and intelligently segment them in duration buckets unique to your search. The fare displayed is the cheapest for that segmented duration.  We have perched the filter on top of your search results – a glance at this gives you a perspective on the tradeoff between flight duration and fare. Not only this, you can also go ahead and apply other filters (we know you have other preferences too) and narrow your search to ‘the one’. It’s that simple!

Thinking of booking your next trip soon? Give our 2-D filter a try on our mobile app and share your experience with us at product@cleartrip.com or tweet to us at https://twitter.com/cleartrip.