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Login/Signup today – Save more, manage better!

At Cleartrip, we have always obsessed about making the booking flow seamless without requiring you to sign-in. This is substantiated by the fact that many of our users are not logged-in when they book a hotel and still find it effortless to complete the booking.

Besides the usual convenience features available when you are signed-in, now there’s another reason why you should consider signing-in – additional savings!
Many hotels around the world extend special deals which can only be passed on to our logged-in users, and we’ve been working closely with our partners to bring these to you. 

Getting these special prices couldn’t get any easier – all you need to do is sign-in to your Cleartrip Account and look out for the hotels with the ‘Special Deal unlocked’ tag. (If you don’t already have a Cleartrip Account, just sign-up for one.)


The deals are available on most hotels for most international cities. Here’s an example of the potential savings available (this one’s in Dubai).

These special deals are also available on our Android & iOS apps. 

Planning to book your next international trip? Check out hotels on Cleartrip and just sign-in to get access to special rates. Do share your experience at product@cleartrip.com.